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Common rules of staying at the «Kora-VIP» hotel.

1. By entry to the hotel you are to fill a special registration form.

2. If there are free rooms at the hotel, you may occupy a room for one or more persons alone with the full pay.

3. Participants of great Patriotic War, disabled persons of the 1th, 2nd, 3d groups and persons, escorting them, are served in the first place. The cost for staying for participants of Patriotic War, disabled persons and persons, escorting them is calculated with 30% discount.

4. The pay for staying at the hotels is calculated for 24 hours for a room according to single pay-hour (12 o’clock of Moscow time).

5. It you stay for not more than 24 hours the pay is calculated for 24 hours irrespective of the entry-time.

6. In case of delay of the departure the pay is calculated in such nay: - not more than 6 hours after pay-hour- for every hour; - from 6 hours to 12 hours after pay-hour- for 12 hours; - from 12 to 24 hours after pay-hour- full pay. 

7. There is no pay for staying of children at the age before 7 years at one room with parents without an additional place.

8. For residing of children in the age of since 7-12 years the discount of 20% from cost of a place.

9. The administration is not responsible for money and values, that were not given for keeping.

10. You have to return the keys to the administrator, leaving the hotel.

11. Forbidden: - to disturb the rest of the other guests from 23.00 to 09.00; - to leave other persons in the room; - to use electric heaters and cookers; - to keep animals in the room.

12. You have to keep to the fire-safety Rules and to the sanitary norms.

13. In case of loss or damage of hotel’s property you have to reimburse the detriment.